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Fixture Installation & Repair You Can Rely On In Carson City

Fixture Installation & Repair

Carson City locals in need of plumbing fixture installation & repair can count on Bighorn Plumbing! Whether you want to fix a leaky or broken plumbing fixture, upgrade your outdated plumbing, or renovate your home to embrace a whole new look, we can help with professional fixture installation & repair services. Sinks, showers, toilets, tubs, you name it- as experienced providers of plumbing services for Carson City and beyond, we work with plumbing fixtures of all types!

From simple fixes to upgrading multiple pieces of plumbing, we can help you take on whatever plumbing challenge you're facing. If you're interested in utilizing our fixture installation & repair services, then reach out to Bighorn Plumbing today at 775-977-4911!

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Fixture Repair Including Sinks, Bathtubs, & More

Life happens, and even the most well-made plumbing fixtures can get worn out or broken. One day your plumbing is in great shape, and the next, you're dealing with a cracked tub or leaking toilet. What do you do?

As fixture installation & repair experts, we can offer our clients multiple ways to address their issues. While some people will take the opportunity to simply upgrade the broken fixture, there are plenty of people who want a quick, less-costly fix. If you want to prioritize repairs over replacement, our professionals will carefully mend the damaged piece so that it looks - and works - as good as new! Trust our repair experts to restore your peace of mind and your plumbing's functionality again fast.

Fixture Installation Specialists

Maybe you've been thinking about upgrading your old shower or tub to something more modern and luxurious. Maybe you're designing a bathroom or kitchen from scratch, and need help installing your hand-selected pieces. Whatever you've got in mind, if you need your plumbing fixtures upgraded or installed, we've got you covered. Our efficient plumbers pride themselves on fast but thorough work, taking the stress out of the plumbing installation process. We'd be honored to help bring your home into the future with its brand-new plumbing!


Frequently Asked Fixture Installation & Repair Questions

Deciding between repairing or replacing plumbing fixtures comes down to factors such as the extent of damage, the fixture's age, and its overall condition. Minor issues like leaks or clogs can often be repaired, especially in newer fixtures, while extensive damage or frequent problems may indicate the need for replacement. Additionally, if you're looking to upgrade to more water-efficient or aesthetically pleasing fixtures, replacement may be the better option. We always try to present multiple options for our clients to address their plumbing issues to let you pick the solution that suits your needs and wants the best, but we will advise you if we think that a certain approach is ideal for your situation.

We can help you select the right fixture based on factors such as functionality, style, water efficiency, and budget. Our team can provide expert advice and recommendations to ensure you make the best choice for your home or business.

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