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Garbage Disposal Services To Keep Your Carson City Kitchen In Order

Garbage Disposals

With garbage disposal repair, Bighorn Plumbing helps Carson City cooks stay in the game! Few things are more annoying - or gross - for home cooks to deal with than a garbage disposal that won't turn on, backs up dirty water, or starts to stink. There are a lot of things that can cause garbage disposal issues, and most of them can be difficult for homeowners to address themselves. Besides, because garbage disposals are sharp and destructive by design, trying to perform DIY repairs on them can be dangerous!

Keep your plumbing and your fingers safe, and call us instead. Our team is well-equipped to handle pretty much any plumbing issue that can lead to a malfunctioning garbage disposal, and fix it ASAP. Our team offers the best in plumbing services for Carson City locals, so we won't let you down. If your garbage disposal is in jeopardy, call Bighorn Plumbing today at 775-977-4911!

Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

Garbage disposal problems are pretty commonplace, especially for homeowners who use theirs a lot. Even if you take good care of your plumbing and don't force things through your garbage disposal that can damage it, these pieces can eventually stop functioning properly due to gradual aging, wear, and tear.

We're pretty adept at handling garbage disposal repairs on the spot. However, if your garbage disposal is getting up there in age, or your sink doesn't yet have a garbage disposal unit, you may consider installing a new one! We can pick up a new disposal and install it, but you don't have to buy your new disposal through Bighorn Plumbing. Feel free to buy whichever model you like, and we'll be happy to install it!

Sink Service Experts

Sinks undergo constant use, and because of that, they tend to develop plumbing problems after a while. Who hasn't dealt with a drippy faucet or a slow drain before? If your kitchen or bathroom sink is giving you grief, we can help. From fixing garbage disposal to stopping leaking faucets to unclogging stopped-up drains and more, we can whip your sinks back into shape and give you some much-needed relief from your plumbing woes!


Frequently Asked Garbage Disposal Questions

Garbage disposals can handle most food scraps, including fruits, vegetables, and small bones. Avoid putting items like grease, oil, fibrous foods, eggshells, and non-food items down the disposal, as they can cause clogs or damage.

Signs that your garbage disposal may need repair or replacement include frequent clogs, strange noises, leaks, foul odors, and slow drainage.

The lifespan of a garbage disposal depends on factors such as usage, maintenance, and quality of installation. On average, a well-maintained garbage disposal can last between 10 to 15 years. Regular maintenance and proper use can help extend the lifespan of your disposal.

Recent Garbage Disposals Projects

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