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Plumbing Inspection and Repairs prior to Selling Home

May 15, 2024

Plumbing Inspection and Repairs prior to Selling Home

🔧🏠 Plumbing Inspection Success in Fernley, NV! 🏠🔧

We recently helped a homeowner in Fernley who needed a plumbing inspection before selling their house. They were concerned about pipe leaks around the water heater and in the master bathroom.

Here's what we did:

Cut out and replaced the leaking shower drain assembly along with 2 feet of 2-inch ABS drain pipe.

Ran the shower for several minutes to confirm the drain was sealed and leak-free. Pipe Leak Repair.

Ran both master bathroom faucets for 10 minutes with no leaks detected.

Inspected the water heater and found no active leaks. The old mildew on the drywall was from a different issue, not the water heater.

Our thorough inspection and repairs ensured everything was in perfect condition for the sale! Need a reliable plumbing inspection? Contact Bighorn Plumbing today!

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Location: Fernley, NV

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