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Tub Drain Leak Repair in Dayton, NV

May 22, 2024

Tub Drain Leak Repair in Dayton, NV

Situation: During our inspection at a residence in Dayton, Nevada, we discovered a leak in the tub drain. Upon closer examination, it was determined that the leak stemmed from a crack in the pipe.

Solution: To rectify the issue, we opted to replace the entire waste and overflow assembly with brand-new components. This comprehensive replacement ensured that the damaged section of the piping system was entirely replaced, minimizing the risk of future leaks.

Testing and Verification: Following the installation of the new assembly, we conducted meticulous testing to verify its integrity and effectiveness. Through a series of pressure tests and visual inspections, we ensured that the newly installed components were functioning optimally and that there were no indications of leakage.

Outcome: Upon completion of the service, we confirmed that the new piping system was operating flawlessly. There were no signs of leakage or any other issues, providing the homeowner with peace of mind knowing that their tub drain was now in excellent working condition.

Service provided: Pipe Leak Repair

Location: Dayton, NV

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Client Review

Awesome work! Friendly and efficient A++

- Talan M.

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